StormQuant receives FCC approval for innovative X Band dual polarimetric Doppler weather radar...


StormQuant is pleased to be speaking at the National Weather Associations 44th Annual Meeting in Huntsville, AL on September 7-12, 2019. The preliminary agenda has been released and our presentation, Benefits of Deploying a Mesh Network of Small Polarimetric Radars, is scheduled for 8:45 AM on Thursday, September 12th in the N - Weather Analysis and Forecasting Session.

My presentation at the annual meeting will describe the design and implementation of a small polarimetric radar-based mesh network, as well as details of the radar system, the topology of the mesh, and the use of machine learning.

Polarimetric radar systems have been long proven to enhance radar measurements, especially in the realm of particle identification. Using coherent radars locked to GPS allows the use of both monostatic and bistatic radar measurements. Combined downstream to form reflectivity and Doppler measurements allows for high resolution, low altitude 3D imaging of storms and related meteorology. Holographic and Tomographic imaging is also being pursued to allow for very low latency radar measurements to be disseminated to the weather and aviation communities.

Many researchers agree that smaller, cheaper polarimetric radars will certainly enhance the current NWS WR-88D network. The addition of state of the art AI approaches will allow for more accurate front end data to be fed into existing forecast models currently being employed by NCAR, NHC, NWS and NOAA. Current work includes the refinement of AI algorithms and calibration of forecast models using such standard NCAR software packages as Titan and Lrose. Further work will explore forecast methodologies with longer more accurate predictions.

If you are planning to attend the National Weather Association’s Annual Meeting this year, be sure to stop by our session to hear more about the benefits of a modern radar system. In the meantime, you can learn more about StormQuant on our website,