StormQuant receives FCC approval for innovative X Band dual polarimetric Doppler weather radar...


StormQuant™ is pleased to introduce a new, innovative weather radar technology that will improve the speed and accuracy of live weather coverage to help save lives and provide local weather information to those who need it.

Our story begins with StormQuant co-founders, Tripp Purvis, Andrew Bryant, Kevin Shoemaker, and Nick Muhlhauser setting out to transform the weather industry to better meet today’s technological, societal, and environmental expectations. Overcoming limitations of the existing radar network and increasingly destructive and unpredictable global weather patterns were the driving forces behind the need for innovation.

For over 30 years, the existing US radar network has been successfully deployed as the primary source of data for weather aggregators and meteorologists. However, there are some drawbacks such as environmental impact, excessive maintenance costs, data latency, and lower altitude limitations. Inaccurate forecasting and the frequency and intensity of catastrophic weather-related events create the need for a new, innovative approach to radar.

That is why StormQuant is dedicated to the creation and use of technology and future innovation to predict weather patterns, prevent its adverse effects, and help protect people and the environment from harm. Proprietary radar sensors will be deployed as an overlapping nationwide mesh network to provide accurate, real time local weather information and alerts. Our compact and lightweight design only requires standard 100v power and can be installed on existing cellular towers or rooftops – resulting in only a small environmental footprint.

We are building a private, nationwide data network that supports society’s current demands for:

  • Real time local weather information with HD maps and analytics
  • Immediate hazardous weather detection at low altitudes
  • Risk mitigation and compliance for those affected by weather
  • Identification of non-meteorological events or debris (smoke, etc.)
  • Accurate data to support climate and meteorology research

Leveraging machine learning and AI technology to deliver unlimited quantities of local weather data will enable StormQuant to meet ever-growing enterprise demands and help researchers track destructive and unpredictable weather patterns to support meteorology and climate studies in an unprecedented way.

Those who depend on weather radar will have the opportunity to subscribe to a SaaS platform for live local HD weather data, and easily integrate with applications and other technology partners for private or public use.

If you would like to learn more about StormQuant or if you are interested in joining the team, we welcome you to visit