Weather Problem

Legacy radar systems in use today including NOAA’s Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) are unable to detect severe weather patterns in the lower atmosphere at distance; the father the distance the greater the undetected area and risk.

The NEXRAD radars do not have complete coverage.

Because of the distances and geography, there are many gaps

where there is no coverage.

Meshed Radar Technology

Our patented X-Band dual-polarimetric Doppler radar system integrates a network of hyper-accurate lightweight radar systems to provide a “meshed” weather assessment greatly improving threat prediction and detection.


  • Our multi-mission IoT radar is faster, less expensive and easier to deploy and manage than legacy systems and provides more accurate and expanded access to critical data.

Self Healing Networks of Radar

  • Patented mesh technology allows for instant “healing” when damaged while providing significantly better resolution across super-local areas.




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